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Al Green

Founder, Al Green (1925-2016)

The Al Green Sculpture Studio and School was founded in 2000 by sculptor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Al Green. Founding imperatives for Green were twofold: to create an inclusive artistic community that catered to artists from novice to professional, and to provide a studio environment with expanded access to accommodate members’ varied schedules. Encouraged by the contributions from luminary artists Sorel Etrog, Maryon Kantaroff and Lorne Winters, Green’s vision became a reality.The school, located in downtown Toronto and which recently achieved Charitable Organization status is generously funded by The  Greenrock Charitable Trust. The school thrives with over forty-five full time members. The curriculum includes one on one instruction, geared to the individual’s ability, life modelling classes, and a variety of workshops (with special emphasis on mould making, casting, and the use of Winterstone®), academic field excursions and lectures. Rounding out the school experience, members participate in curated, commercial group exhibitions.


Board of Directors

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Artist and Member Director
Artist and Member Director
Artist and Member Director