Having entered COVID Phase 2, the Studio is pleased to welcome back our artists. Please see our COVID safety protocols here

  • All members must enter through the front door, only one member is permitted at a time in front vestibule
  • All members must answer the Covid questionnaire each time and sign a consent/release form once.
  • No more than 8 members permitted at a time in the studio
  • All members must wear a mask in the studio
  • We have a new schedule with 3 timeslots on weekdays and 2 timeslots on weekends, with 15-minute cleaning breaks in between
  • Members must pre-book their studio time through Sign up Genius or call to see if there are any vacancies, links to the sign up are released every Saturday for the following week. Initially members can sign up for a single shift per day for the first 24 hours, after which members can sign up for more.
  • There will be no dropping into the studio, if you are not on the schedule call first to see if there is room, no visitors are allowed if the studio is fully booked.
  • All members must exit the studio by the rear doors
  • One member is allowed in each of the following rooms at a time:
  • Kitchen: only 1 member at a time, the members must clean their dishes, coffee cups cutlery,

(we recommend you bring your own if possible), table, counter and any appliance used ie: fridge toaster, coffee maker etc.

  • Bathroom/Locker room: has a cordon indicating when in use. Only one person allowed at a time
  • Finishing room: Door closed when in use
  • Supply room: One member at a time
  • No members are permitted in the office: if you require something ie. Photo equipment etc. you must ask staff
  • Locker keys have been moved to the back of the storeroom door
  • Gloves must be worn if using any studio tools, and power tools, studio equipment, studio library books, any common surfaces like doorknobs sink/taps, sculpting stands
  • Member must follow the directional arrows to navigate their way through the studio and maintain 6 feet distance at all times from fellow members.
  • Members must do their work in the designated areas indicated by yellow footprints.
  • Members must sanitize their work area and any common tools used at the end of their workday.
  • Spray bottles of sanitizer/cleaner will be at every work area and common areas, ie: bathrooms, kitchen, studio sink, power tool workbench, finishing room, entrances.

Adhering to these protocols will make the studio safe for all.