Instructors and Staff

Melanie Chikofsky

Melanie Chikofsky, Director, Lead Instructor

Melanie Chikofsky is an award-winning sculptor, mixed media artist and teacher who brings a wealth of experience to the school. After graduating from Sheridan College School of Design, Chikofsky worked in the fashion industry designing hats, jewellery and home accessories. She then pursued a career as an art teacher and spent twenty-five years working in inner city schools with the Toronto Board of Education. In 2000, Chikofsky joined the Al Green Sculpture Studio and School as its lead instructor, curator and school administrator.

Chikofsky’s personal artistic practice is concerned with process and material exploration. Her work, often involving multiple variations of a subject, investigates concepts of distortion and repetition, which ultimately reveal different aspects of the human condition. Since 1983 Chikofsky has had five solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group shows. In 2008 she won the Best in Show Award for “Threadbare” at a juried Ontario Society of Artists exhibition. Her work can be found in many private collections in Canada and United States.

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Nicholas Crombach

Nicholas Crombach, Studio Assistant, Instructor

Nicholas Crombach is a visual artist who works primarily in sculpture. In 2012 he graduated from OCAD University’s Sculpture and Installation Program, bringing to the studio a fresh perspective on sculpture practice.

During his university years, Crombach won a public sculpture commission and several awards and was recently named Best Emerging Artist by the Sculpture Society of Canada. Crombach continues his practice, exhibiting in a variety of gallery exhibitions, project spaces and sculpture gardens.

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Laird Henderson

Laird Henderson, Instructor

Laird graduated the Sculpture/Installation program at OCAD in 2008. Since then his career has focused on the commercial side of sculpture. The industries he has worked in range from product design, television commercials, stop motion animation, mascot costume production and special effects/props/makeup.

His personal art practice focuses on the niche market of art toys (often referred to as designer toys). They are small scale sculptures of original, playful characters, produced in multiples via resin casting. His “Ghost Pig” was nominated for a Designer Toy Award, featured in DesignLines Magazine and was sold/shown through Magic Pony in Toronto and Rotofugi in Chicago.

Laird brings some new skills to the studio with detailed wax sculpting and pressure casting techniques.

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Lorne Winters

Lorne Winters, Adviser

Toronto born artist Lorne Winters graduated from the University of Toronto with a Civil Engineering degree. After retiring from a long career in this field, Winters dedicated his life to sculpting, with carefully designed constructions reflecting his technical background. Textural variations, sinuous lines and curves have also come to define his signature style.

Frustrated with the lack of direct modelling materials that could weather outdoors, Winters experimented with various materials and eventually developed and marketed a unique sculpting media called “Winterstone”. Used for both direct modelling and casting, Winterstone can be worked as easily as clay and sets as hard as cement. It can be integrally pigmented or externally patinated with colours specifically developed by the artist, and it is suitable for display in both interior and exterior settings.

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