16″ x 16″ x 44″
Winterstone, Pigment

Because of my studies in art and archaeology I am interested in the interface of myth and art history as a theme. 

 Given my classical training in life drawing, I naturally think of the figure as a means of expression.

 After seeing a photograph of a tree which resembled a female form, I thought immediately of the ancient Dyads or tree spirits of Druid myth..

 I was also reminded of a photograph by Consuelo Kanaga of a woman with two children titled “She is a Tree of Life to Them”, which was exhibited in the Family of Man show at MOMA in 1955.

 The three figures in the photo also called to mind the classical Three Graces.

 Thus the sculpture developed as a group caryatid emerging out of foliage, entwined with roots inspired by a huge Banyan tree which I saw in my travels.

 The entablature became a treetop bust of Flora, Roman Goddess of flowering plants.

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