Beyond Memory
49″ x 6″ x 4″
Patinated Winterstone, Wood, Metal

What is and what might have been: a cycle of building up and tearing down is encapsulated in my work. My journey shapes my work; every step along the way is a choice of direction. I make countless changes while working. The weaving together the many stands of experience and thought pulls me into new territory, reuniting the past to the present. Through working the surfaces, various forms, shapes disappear and reappear, the sculptures begin to solidify. As I am confronted with the endless challenges of my process, I work with the balance of spontaneity and careful editing.

Toronto based artist, Donna Zekas maintains a full time studio practice which includes sculpture and painting. Zekas began by immersing herself in sculpting workshops then while attaining her diploma from The Toronto School of Art broadened her focus to include a variety of painting mediums. She went on to study with various professional artists in North America and abroad.

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