Founder, Al Green (1925-2016)

The Al Green Sculpture Studio and School in downtown Toronto, was founded in 2000 by sculptor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Al Green (1925-2016) and continues to be supported by the Greenrock Charitable Trust.

Founding imperatives for Green were twofold: to create a not for profit, inclusive artistic community to foster the creative development of adults from novice to professional, interested in learning and developing their knowledge, appreciation, and skills in sculpture, and to provide a welcoming, well-equipped studio environment with instruction and extended access beyond the regular work day and holidays to accommodate members’ varied schedules.

The studio is primarily an additive sculpting centre that is keeping pace with the ever-changing technological advances, while still being firmly rooted in classical sculpting techniques, offering instruction in life modelling, direct sculpting techniques mould making, casting & resin casting, and instruction in 3-D scanning and printing.

Since our inception we have had more than 500 people pass through our studio, with a core of long-term members. The convivial environment, and the sharing amongst our members make our studio a unique environment for learning and working.

In 2014 we became a registered charity. We have recently introduced a yearly scholarship for 2 spaces for BIPOC emerging artists, furthering our vision of inclusivity.

With our open houses, participation in International Sculpture Day, and yearly group exhibitions, associations with The International Sculpture community and the Sculptor Society of Canada, as well as our Facebook, Instagram postings and our website, we strive to keep sculpture relevant and accessible to the public.

Board of Directors
Flavio Belli:
Barry Green:
Barbara Rogers:
Lindy Green:
Frantz Brent-Harris
Jacques Descoteaux
William Hung:
Vice President/Secretary
Artist and Member Director
Artist and Director
Artist and Member Director
The Studio School

Students are able to develop an idea through to a finished work of art in a variety of materials such as clay, wax, gypsum, wood, metal and Winterstone. Sculpture techniques taught include direct modelling, armature building, mould making, casting, finishing and patination and introducing 3-D technology with instruction.

  • Unlimited Access During Our Hours of Operation
  • On Site Professional Instructors and Assistance
  • Mould Making and Casting in a Variety of Materials
  • Direct Sculpting Techniques
  • Life Modelling Classes
  • 3-D Technology, and Printing Instruction
  • Vented Finishing Room with Fresh Air Feed Masks
  • Group Exhibitions
  • On Site Sculpture Supply Store

The Al Green Sculpture Studio and School is generously funded by The Greenrock Charitable Trust