144″ x 18″ x 16″
Steel, Vinyl

This piece comes out of my research on the allegorical representation of women in statuaries and monuments.

Cicatrix is a wearable performative piece composed of a bright yellow vinyl floor-length tunic and a steel chainmail scarf that is 144 inches long, weighs 60 lbs which partially obscures the model’s face. Each ring of the scarf represents a micro aggression that women internalize and drag with them throughout their lives. This garment is made by a process that combines armour making (historically men’s work) and crocheting (historically women’s work).

The scarf’s heaviness causes her to stand tall and show strength. The tail of the scarf falls to the ground with a loud clunk that echoes as she walks away. We are forever dragging these aggressions within us.

Isabelle is an emerging sculptor and SCUBA diving instructor. Her research touches on gender politics around traditionally masculine materials, practices and forms. Other works intend to capture the sense of wonder an intimate encounter with bottom-dwelling animals can evoke.

And sometimes, it is just fun material play.

Building on past careers in broadcast television and shark research, she has a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Canada.

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